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15 Inexpensive Tech Gadgets You Need for the Farm

Taylor Leach

Looking to invest in some fun technology that won’t break the bank? We asked our readers what their favorite gadgets were and got a variety of results. Whether you are looking to jam out to some of your favorite tunes or be more productive throughout the day, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 favorite tech tools used by farmers daily:

Wireless Speakers – Who doesn’t enjoy singing at the top of their lungs to a favorite song? Take that fun on the go! Farmers suggest investing in a waterproof wireless speaker device that can easily connect to your phone. Put it on a tailgate, blast it in the barn or even stick it in the tractor if the radio’s busted.

Tracking Tiles – Lose the farm truck keys again? Maybe it’s time to snag a smart tracking tile. These portable devices can be attached easily to your key chain and will send a message to your phone letting you know where you left those dang keys.

Wearable Cell Phone Holder – Phone constantly falling out of your pocket? Several of our readers recommended purchasing an inexpensive wearable cell phone holder to help keep your phone handy at all times. Several farmers suggested buying a fabric belt that not only holds your cell phone, but also any other farm necessities.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser – This tech tool may sound silly, but purchasing an automatic paper towel dispenser was “life changing” for several of our readers. This low-cost gadget is easy to install, can be placed over the sink or even used in the shop!

Rechargeable Headlamp – Cows out again? Several farmers purpose buying a rechargeable headlamp to help keep your hands free as you work late into the night. Or, maybe it is just time to fix the fence!

Wireless Headphones – Similar to the wireless speakers, wireless headphones allow you to listen to your favorite tunes, podcasts or audio books on the go without having to worry about ripping your ears out when you snag your traditional headphones on equipment.

Sticky Lights – Need to illuminate a dark space that doesn’t have power? Readers suggest using stick on, battery powered LED lights to help shine some light in that dark cabinet of yours. These gadgets can also come with magnets, allowing you to stick them on tractors, under the hoods of trucks or even on a cattle chute!

Portable Chargers – If your phone battery is constantly dead, one inexpensive solution is a portable charger. This handy tool allows you to charge your phone on the go and can even charge multiple devices at the same time.

Smartphone Camera Lens – Enjoy taking pictures on the farm but want your photos to look a little more professional? Try investing in a smartphone camera lens. This clip-on lens allows you to take higher quality photos and can add some extra pop to your pics.

Dashboard Phone Holder – Chances are that you’ve seen dashboard phone holders in other people’s vehicles. But have you ever thought about using a phone holder in your tractor? This tool helps you keep your phone secure and within reach. Just don’t text and drive!

Digital Notebook – If you are constantly taking notes, our readers recommend using a digital notebook that allows you to upload your notes directly to your phone and even organize them by category. Just scan the notepad with your phone, wipe away the ink and reuse the notepad again and again!

Fitness Tracker – Putting on a lot of miles at the farm? Keep track of your steps with a wearable fitness tracker! Not only does this tool allow you to track your health, but it also gives you the opportunity to brag to your friends about how much you walk on the farm each day.

Wireless Charging Pad – If you need to charge your phone while working in the farm office, several farmers recommended purchasing a wireless charging pad. This piece of technology allows you to keep your phone charged without that annoying cable.

Smart Plug-in – Leave the lights on in the shop again? Try using a smart plug-in. This gadget allows you to turn any outlet into a smart device that will connect to your phone. Just use the app to turn the lights off and you are good to go!

Heated Lunch Box – Nothing is worse than a cold meal after a long day in the tractor. If you are looking to keep your food extra hot while you work, give a heated lunch box a try! This lunchbox of the future comes with a with a cord that plugs in to any 12v auxiliary power outlet and keeps your tater-tot casserole hot as you plant, haul hay or spread manure!



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