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Agtech company Bushel finds ‘aggressive adoption of technology by younger farmers’ in latest report

Despite concerns around high costs, there is “aggressive adoption” of farm technologies by the younger farming generations, says the 2024 edition of Bushel’s State of the Farm report.

Bushel‘s annual report surveys specialty and row-crop farmers in the US on farming practices, grain marketing strategies, and technology usage and perceptions.

“Our report shows they have aggressive growth plans,” Bushel product marketer Julie Christensen says of the younger (ages 18-60 generation of farmers). “It could be easy to overlook these segments – and their preferences and behaviors – but they may represent a much larger share of the market in 10-plus years.”

For example, 50% of young and high-growth farmers are “likely” or “very likely” to submit offers and/or sell grain digitally via apps or websites.

Feb. 29, 2024


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