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AHV International cutting-edge solutions now available to U.S. dairy farmers

Laura Pires

February 23, 2021

Dairy farmers have direct access to next generation animal health tools using the science of quorum sensing.

AHV International is proud to announce their innovative, award-winning products are now available to U.S. dairy farmers. The full line of AHV International products, based on the science of quorum sensing, provides dairy farmers with next-generation animal health tools with zero meat and milk withdrawals.

“Dairy and livestock farmers in the U.S. finally have access to the cutting-edge animal health solutions their European counterparts have had available to them for years,” says Scott Woodside, North American managing director of AHV International. “These tools have enabled dairies in the E.U. to manage their operations with greater flexibility and enhance profits while reducing their usage of antibiotics over time.”

AHV International was founded in 2014 by Gertjan Streefland, a Dutch veterinarian who encountered antimicrobial resistance in the herds he worked with. Streefland was inspired to innovate new tools based on the groundbreaking science of quorum sensing, the biochemical communication system of bacteria.

“Antimicrobial resistance is not a new phenomenon. The plant kingdom has dealt with this issue almost since the beginning of time. Fortunately, modern scientific research has identified how nature has overcome the problem,” explains Streefland. “AHV International was established to convert this science into practical solutions for livestock farmers dealing with the disease-related impact of bacterial infection on a regular basis.”

AHV International currently has nine products registered in the U.S. developed using the science of quorum sensing. Products support the animal’s full life cycle, from raising healthy calves to producing high-quality milk and successfully transitioning through multiple lactations. The entire product portfolio has the advantage of zero milk or meat withhold times.

In 2019, AHV International received several prestigious European industry awards, including Innovation in Agriculture from FarmingLife, Innovation Gold from National Dairy Show and Product Innovation from Agriscot.

Dairy farmers in the U.S. can learn more about AHV International and their next-generation animal health tools and services by visiting to schedule time with an advisor.

About AHV International

AHV International (Animal Health Vision) is the industry leader in quorum sensing powered animal health solutions and value-added advisory services. AHV International focuses on disrupting the communication between selected bacteria to support the immune system in a natural way. AHV International’s innovative solutions are used by more than 6,500 livestock farmers and veterinarians globally.



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