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Another Large DMC Payment Coming to Producer’s Mailboxes

For the third time this year, a Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) payment will be issued.

Based on the USDA's Agricultural Prices report released late Friday afternoon, the DMC income over feed costs for March was $6.19/cwt. That's the lowest level since August 2021. Producers with coverage of $9.50/cwt. will receive indemnity payments of $2,551.48 for each one million pounds enrolled.

The all-milk price was $21.10/cwt., down $0.50 from February. Overall feed costs decreased $0.39/cwt. from February. Premium hay fell $10/ton to $314. Corn dropped $0.13/bu. to $6.87. Soybean meal slipped $16.13/ton to $484.40.


May 1, 2023

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