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Cheese consumption reached a new peak

Americans’ love for cheese continues to grow, as last year was another record-breaking year in terms of per capita cheese consumption. Data recently shared by USDA’s Economic Research Service showed that the average person in the U.S. ate 40.14 pounds of cheese in 2022.

This is the first time per capita cheese consumption passed the 40-pound mark. That is more than double the amount of cheese eaten by Americans in 1982. Just 40 years ago, per capita intake was 19.9 pounds per person. Twenty years ago, it was 30.48 pounds per person.

Mozzarella was the most consumed cheese, at 12.55 pounds per person. That was followed by Cheddar, which came in at 11.37 pounds per capita. As for the next most popular varieties, American types of cheese other than Cheddar were at 4.83 pounds, and Italian type cheeses other than Mozzarella came in at 3.59 pounds per capita.

Abbey Bauer

December 6, 2023



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