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Dairy Farmers Thrilled As Trump Signs U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement

January 29, 2020

Anna-Lisa Laca

President Donald Trump signed into law the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement at the end of January.

USMCA delivers on one of Trump’s core campaign promises: to replace the North American Free Trade (NAFTA) agreement that the president said has drained the U.S. of jobs.

“We are finally ending the Nafta nightmare,” Trump said Wednesday at a White House signing ceremony. During the ceremony, which took place during his impeachment trial, Trump read through an extensive list of Republican lawmakers, thanking them for their help passing the deal.

On the day of the signing, dairy producers were thrilled at the completion of the deal which has taken years to negotiate.

“USMCA moves the U.S. dairy community forward. The Mexico and Canada export markets amount to supporting thousands of dairy farms and tens of thousands of jobs across the U.S. This deal capitalizes on our already successful trading relationships with our North American partners,” says Joan Maxwell, Cinnamon Ridge Farms in Donahue, Iowa. “As dairy farmers we look forward to the continued opportunities USMCA presents our industry.”

Mitch Davis a farmer from Belle Plaine, Minn. Also called the deal a win. “Not only does this deal allow the dairy community to build on two of our strongest export markets, Mexico and Canada, it helps ensure our U.S. dairy farmers will not be harmed by Canada’s domestic management systems in the global dairy marketplace.”

South Dakota farmer Michael Crinion says the deal helps secure U.S. dairy’s No. 1 export market.

“The agreement signed today also protects our south-bound, commonly named cheeses and it modernizes regulatory transparency measures,” he says.

Amy Penterman a farmer from Thorp, Wis. called signing day “exciting.”

“The deal has been a long time in the making and we can finally celebrate,” she says.


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