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February Milk Production Report Shows Lackluster Numbers

With 28 days in February, the milk production report was obviously going to differ from previous months. Comparing a leap year versus a non-leap year in 2023, February milk production was up 2.4%. However, on a per-day basis, production was down 1.1%. Milk cows totaled 9.3 million head, 10,000 more than in January 2024, but down 89,000 compared to a year ago.

Several states showed a steep decline, including New Mexico, which lost 97 million lbs.

of milk with 42,000 fewer cows.

Other states showing a decline included:

  • Texas was down, 56 million lbs. and 15,000 cows.

  • Idaho dropped 29 million lbs. and 1,000 cows.

  • Oregon was down 19 million lbs.

  • Minnesota dropped 18 million lbs.


March 29, 2024


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