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Genomic Testing: How to Generate Returns Quickly


There is a widespread misconception that dairies must wait to see financial returns from genomic testing — that cash-strapped dairies can’t justify the investment for potential long-term gains. A close look at the numbers produced from a carefully considered genomic testing plan tells a different story — one of increased efficiency and more immediate returns. But how?

1. Right-size heifer inventory

Using a genomic test that includes adult cow and calf wellness traits to predict risks for common and costly diseases, you can generate more immediate information to identify which heifers are genetically more likely to survive, thrive and advance to their production prime in your herd. At an average raising cost of $2,200 1,2,3 per calf, just think of what you could save by identifying heifers most susceptible to mastitis, metritis, milk fever (for Jerseys), respiratory disease and scours at a young age?

This potential savings could help cover genomic testing costs and focus your heifer-raising investments on heifers that can help you grow your bottom line.

July 31, 2023



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