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How Many Interest Rate Cuts Will We See in 2024?

Ask Dr. Vince Malanga of LaSalle Economics how many interest rate cuts we’ll see the Federal Reserve announce in 2024, and he says one or two at the minimum. 

This is one of his insights recently shared on AgriTalk Radio as he gave his thoughts on the U.S. economy and the Federal Reserve's maneuvers.

On interest rates, his opinion is we should have already seen a cut. 

“They should have taken a victory lap. We got a sharp decline in inflation. They should have seized on that,” Malanga says. “They would have assuaged the bond market and made it a little bit easier to sell this debt. We know the government has a prolific amount of debt they have to sell. They would have stabilized the commercial real estate sector without any change in the overall economy.”

April 23, 2024



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