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Julia Nunes: Sparkling Moments While Serving as Alice in Dairyland


June 27, 2022

A transition back to rubber boots will be soon coming for Julia Nunes as she is just about ready to finish up her service as the 73rd and 74th Alice in Dairyland.

Many sparkly moments have been captured during her two-year reign as Alice, although Nunes says it's hard to narrow down a favorite memory.

“I feel like I find a new favorite at each new event,” she says. “I have absolutely loved traveling the state and making genuine connections with farmers.”

Working alongside family, Julia grew up on her family’s 125-cow dairy farm, Scientific Holsteins, in Chippewa Falls, Wisc. In addition to helping her family on the dairy, Julia was also very involved in both 4-H and with the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Program. In 2019, she graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in animal science and agricultural communication and marketing and minors in both agriculture food business management and horticulture. Beyond the classroom, Julia learned more about the diversity of agriculture through her work experience at a farm market store growing vegetables, making cheese at Redhead Creamery and working on a hemp farm.

The vibrant agriculture ambassador says that being Alice in Dairyland is a title she does not take for granted, stating it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “To explore the diversity of Wisconsin agriculture has allowed me to gain so much experience and knowledge,” she says. “Serving as Alice in Dairyland has allowed me to represent something so much bigger than myself.”

Amid significant challenges stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, Nunes did not waver and quickly adapted, stepping up her social media presence and making cooking videos with some of her favorite Wisconsin products. Steadfast to passionately get her messages across, Nunes has spent endless hours writing articles, conducting TV and radio interviews, along with her social media presence as Alice in Dairyland.

Future Advice

Nunes says that every farm or agribusiness has a unique story or ‘why’ they love doing what they do. She has enjoyed traveling throughout the Badger State.

As she gets ready to hand over her crown to the 75th Alice in Dairyland, the young dairy spokeswoman has advice for future Alices.

“Make the most of each day and never take anything for granted,” she says. “Serving as Alice through COVID-19 made me realize just how important every interaction can be. This job really is a once in a lifetime experience and I will encourage Alices in the future to try everything at least once and talk to everyone they can.”

After her time as Alice, Nunes says the possibilities are endless —she can see herself working for an agriculture marketing agency or a cheese company. For now, she will continue promoting Wisconsin agriculture, a role that she has fully embraced.

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