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Land O’ Lakes unveils new packaging for its consumer-facing products

June 8, 2020

Land O Lakes products no longer feature Native American woman on their packaging.

Arden Hills, Minn.-basedLand O’Lakes Inc.unveiled new packaging for its consumer-facing Land O Lakes products that features the farmers who are the foundation of the cooperative’s membership. According to the company, the packaging will show up in a variety of ways, including through a new front-of-package design that contains the phrase “Farmer-Owned” above the Land O Lake brandmark, “Since 1921” below it and a vibrant illustration of land and lakes. Some products, including stick butter, also will include photos of real Land O’Lakes farmers and co-op members and copy that reads “Since 1921” and “Proud to be Farmer-Owned: As a farmer-owned co-op, we stand together to bring you the very best in dairy.” The packaging is already on tub butter spreads, foodservice products and deli cheese, and will begin appearing on stick butter in spring/summer 2020.



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