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Pagel’s Herd Manager Shares How Tech Upped Wisconsin’s Largest Family-Owned Dairy Farm’s Game

Technology and efficiency seem to go hand in hand. This is what Chris Szydel of Kewaunee, Wis. says, as he shares how incorporating technology into his role as herd manager has been a game changer that has upped the overall efficiency at Wisconsin’s largest family-owned dairy.

“It is just like a light switch,” he notes, sharing that he first performed his role with a clipboard and reports printed off of DairyComp and manually doing everything.

Szydel joined Pagel’s Ponderosa as a nighttime milking technician in 1995. A decade later, he was promoted to herd manager and now manages both the Pagel Ponderosa and Hilltop Farm dairies, overseeing three different parlors and 65 employees. His role has evolved tenfold.


August 8, 2023


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