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Six Straw Alternatives to Get You Through a Bedding Shortage

Weather conditions certainly took a toll on this years wheat crop, leaving straw in short supply for some farmers. This commonly used bedding material is the ideal choice for calves during the winter time. However, here are six bedding alternatives to consider when straw supplies get tight:

Chopped Corn Stalks - If you've just harvested a field of corn, consider saving the leftover stalks for bedding. They are widely available and very absorbent.

Chopped Soybean Hulls - Similar to corn stalks, this bedding alternative can be found soon after harvest and can be used to help keep calves clean and dry.

Wood Shavings - One of the most common alternatives to straw bedding is wood shavings. This material performs similarly to straw and provides a clean spot for calves to nest.

Almond Shells - Ground almond shells, usually found out west, can be used to help soak up excess moisture and keep dry and clean.

Peanut Hulls - Down south, this absorbent organic material can be ground to make a fine bedding similar to wood shavings.

Shredded Paper - Chopped recycled newsprint can be used for bedding and is relatively inexpensive. Consider reaching out to a nearby recycling facility to see if they can custom chop used paper.


November 10, 2022



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