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Zinpro launches breakthrough innovation in dairy nutrition

Game-changing technology increases feed efficiency, improves sustainability and drives profitability.

Zinpro Corporation, the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance organic trace minerals and animal nutrition solutions, announces its newest breakthrough – Zinpro IsoFerm.

“Partnership is key to driving dairy profitability and sustainability,” said Rob Sheffer, Zinpro president and CEO. “Zinpro IsoFerm is a breakthrough. We are empowering dairy nutritionists to elevate how they formulate diets, unlocking new levels of feed efficiency and operational sustainability. Dairy farms face volatile market pressures and feed costs. It’s critical that we come together to improve dairy cow performance and the bottom line.”

A one-of-a-kind breakthrough innovation in dairy ration formulation, Zinpro IsoFerm is an essential nutrient that fuels rumen function by directly feeding the fiber-digesting microbes. By enhancing fiber digestibility, cows can thrive with fewer inputs, improving milk production and operational efficiency often with less dry matter intake.

“At Zinpro, we are constantly working to provide new and better solutions to transform animal productivity and strengthen our partnerships,” said Sheffer. “We are excited to help dairy nutritionists and producers achieve peak operational efficiency and performance. Together we’ll embrace the next frontier of dairy nutrition.”

Oct 04, 2022



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