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Barrel Cheese Prices Make Big Moves

A week of big volumes for Barrel cheese had us narrowing the block/barrel spread back to 1 cent. Over the week Cheddar Block price declined 17 cents, the largest loss in one week since June of 2021, but barrels gained 19 cents for the week, the largest move since last March with 50 loads trading. That is the most loads in one week of Barrels trading since June of 2019!

Despite these big moves, out Average price to end the week was $1.77 ½, last week ended at $1.74. We finished the week with Cheddar Blocks at $1.78/lb, barrels at $1.77, Butter at $2.33 ¼, Dry Whey at $0.44 1/4/lb with Grade A Non Fat Dry Milk at $1.17 1/2/lb.

Class III milk finished the week with a fizzle. Low volumes had March down 5 cents to $17.71, April down 5 to $17.70, and May down 14 cents to $17.85/cwt.

Class IV milk was unchanged across the board. March at $18.30, April at $18.09, and May at $18.33/cwt.

Grain markets were mixed Friday. Corn up 5 ¾ cents to $6.17 ¼, soybeans fell 3 ¾ cents to $15.07/bu with Soybean meal fall $1 to $485.90/ton.

With Ever.Ag this is Jenny Wackershauser for Know your Markets.

March 10, 2023

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