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Mission Statement: We exist to connect and empower the dairy industry.


Work/Life Balance 


Do the Right Thing

You prioritize work and home life to allow you to be your best in each role

You are not expected to take work home with you

You set boundaries and working hours to avoid burnout

You manage your time and set goals

You have a fulfilling life outside of work



You lend your time and talents to others
You communicate to ensure a collaborative, cohesive and transparent work environment
You share wins, ideas and insights
You provide candid, helpful, timely feedback 
You recognize and utilize the talents of others and encourage teamwork

You maintain good character when no one is watching

You always finish well - win or lose

You build trust with prospects and partners

You are patient and flexible even when the unexpected happens

You are responsible for your work



You lead and take risks

You think ahead

You solve problems and make decisions

You strive to get better at something every day

You take initiative, act and speak up




The Bottom Line 

You make decisions that contribute to growth and success

You seek what is best

You keep expenses low and revenue high

You never leave the hard work to others

You reach down and grab another gear when things get tough

You move fast when you see an opportunity

You never let others wait around for information or data

You always work harder than the competition

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