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I like having easy access to my financial overviews for many different things like feed and milk prices. Zisk makes it easy and convenient!

K&H Dairy 
Mayo, FL


It helps me consult with my clients quickly on what markets are doing and what trends im seeing so they can make better grain purchases in light of the milk markets.

Alpha Dairy Consulting
Visalia, CA


Quick, brief overview of profit while encompassing three large market factors of milk, corn, and soy meal whether together or separate. All of this based on real time market data customized to your dairies data.

Ringa-lea Farm 
Barronett, WI



I love the Zisk app because I can read up on the latest news and watch the “market data” to see what increases and decreases everyday. It also is helpful for when knowing when to contract milk, corn, and soybean meal. In all, the Zisk app is helpful and beneficial on our dairy in many ways.

Klever Holstein Farms Fredericktown, OH


"I like the ability to just open the app and I can see the market numbers instantly. The profit calculator is very beneficial to see over the long term what the numbers look like for my dairy operation."

Hi-Grove Holsteins
Woodman, OH


It’s easy to bring up while I’m feeding the cows running Mixwagon. I can get the current milk futures the markets And the Up to date newsfeeds. The current stories for the dairy farmer. New Strategies and technology. The articles aren’t long to the point very informative.

Marty Farms 
Sterling, OH

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