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China Expected to be Growth Engine for Global Cheese Trade

Global cheese demand is on the rise. In fact, global cheese consumption is projected to reach a new record high of 21.6 million metric tons, or 47.7 billion pounds, by the end of this year. And according to a recent Rabobank report, China may be a growth engine for continued global cheese trade.

Currently, China’s annual per capita cheese consumption sits at 0.2 kg., or less than half a pound. However, this number is projected to show gradual growth in the coming years with the Chinese cheese market seeing a healthy pipeline of investment activity.

“Low per capita consumption, expansion of quick-service restaurants, bakeries, and tea shops, and product innovation provide a platform for a gradual increase in Chinese cheese demand,” says Michelle Huang, Dairy Analyst for Rabobank.


January 30, 2024



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