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Dairy Product Per Capita Consumption on the Rise

Jim Dickrell

September, 9 2020

The United States Department of Agriculture just released its estimate of dairy product consumption on a per capita basis, showing dairy product use climbed 7 pounds in 2019. That’s just over a 1% increase from 2018.

Americans are now consuming 653 pounds of dairy products per capita on a milk equivalent basis. They’ve increased per capita consumption by nearly 50 pounds since 2005. In 1975, they were consuming 539 pounds. 

Fluid milk use did decline 4 pounds to 141 lb/capita last year. But cheese consumption, climbing to 38.3 lb/capita, just about made up that difference. 

Fluid milk consumption has fallen more than 100 lb/capita since 1975. But cheese consumption has exploded since then, growing from 14.2 lb/capita in 1975 to 38.3 pounds last year.


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