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Global Demand for Cheese Continues to Climb

People can’t get enough cheese, regardless of what continent they live on. Cheese has long been a staple in many countries’ cuisine, and in those cultures where cheese has more recently been introduced, demand continues to rise. “Global cheese demand just keeps climbing,” said Sarina Sharp, analyst with the Daily Dairy Report.

According to USDA’s semi-annual Dairy: World Markets and Trade report, global cheese consumption is projected to reach a new record high of 21.6 million metric tons, or 47.7 billion pounds, this year. Compared to 2023, global cheese consumption is up 1.2% and compared to 2019, it’s up 5.7%.

“Global cheese production is rising even faster than demand, and the United States is the major contributor to the surplus,” Sharp noted. USDA expects that U.S. cheese production will be 9.8% greater in 2024 than it was in 2019, outpacing growth in domestic consumption, which is likely to rise 8.3%. During the same period, foreign cheese output is projected to grow 4.2%, which will not keep pace with the expected 4.6% increase in foreign cheese consumption.”


January 19, 2024



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