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January 2024 U.S. Milk Production Highlights Less Milk and Fewer Cows

The USDA Milk Production Report highlighted a drop in milk production to 18.8 billion lbs. of milk. This reflects the sixth consecutive month of lower production and a decline of 0.3% from a year prior.

According to the January 2024 USDA Milk Production Report, the number of milk cows on farms in the 24 major States was 8.90 million head, 17,000 head less than December 2023, but unchanged from November 2023.

New Mexico led the way with the steepest decline in milk production with 64 million fewer lbs. and 29,000 less cows. Following suit, California dropped 35 million lbs. with 9,000 fewer cows. Three other states showed a decline by at least 10 million lbs. include:


January 26, 2024



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