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Springers Stay Strong as National Herd Contracts

Despite faltering milk prices and an uptick in dairy cow culling nationwide, Holstein springer values stayed relatively steady from May to June 2023. According to dairy market analysis from T.C. Jacoby & Co., July 2023 Class IV milk contracts fell into the 17’s at around $17.98/cwt. The Jacoby analysts noted, “For many producers, these prices are insufficient, and production could begin to contract in the near future as a result.” The total U.S. dairy cow population hit a 20-month peak at 9.446 million cows in March 2023. Since then, the national herd has shrunk each month, buoyed by strong beef prices. “For months, many cows sold at auction simply moved to new homes, but now it seems that more are going to the packer,” a recent Jacoby report stated. Whether more heifers will be in demand to eventually backfill that culling remains to be seen.


July 10, 2023



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