Simple. Fast. Easy to use. 

Project your next 12 month's profit/loss.

Create custom market alerts.

"I am a veterinarian who’s spent over 18 years since I graduated working in the dairy feed business, as well as working directly with dairy farms as a nutritionist, consultant and business advisor. I’ve watched with great alarm as many of my clients and other dairies lost equity, banking relationships and (some) their farms due to the wild swings of the milk and feed prices in the last 15 years. I started preaching risk management to them all, only to realize that they know very little about the markets, they actually find the markets confusing and scary. The tools to lessen risk are confusing, difficult to use, and are not user friendly. Also, many dairies have ‘gotten it wrong’ when they tried marketing and have sworn to never do it again. Or they market their milk and not their feed or vice versa."


"With my clients, I build a large Excel spreadsheet that utilized their Profit & Loss Sheets and CME market data to do 12-month financial projections. This has helped them immensely in understanding margin management on their farms and has helped plan for a steadier cash flow. I decided to try to help all the dairy men and women out there by building an app that would be easy to use, simple to understand and that would help them make economic sense out of all this scary marketing stuff. I hope it will be a tool that helps them get over the fear of ‘managing their cash flows’. So, I built the ZISK app."