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Butter Prices Are On Fire, And Milk Prices Are Now Improving: Is Dairy The Cinderella Story For 2024

Falling milk prices, along with increasing costs, are two things that have been glaring at dairy producers all year. As dairy producers close the books on 2023, analysts see some optimism starting to pour in with a slight improvement in milk prices, but also relief in the higher costs. That's as butter prices hit a new record high this week.

"I think we've certainly come off the worst of it," says Ben Laine of Terrain Ag. "It was a really tough year; I think we expected a little bit of weakness compared to how good last year had been. But we didn't quite expect it to fall to the depths that it did."

Terrain Ag's analysis shows milk prices have improved dramatically from the depths of the low point registered in July. Terrain shows the August Class III milk price was announced at $17.19/cwt, an improvement from the $13.77/cwt July price.


October 6, 2023



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