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Ireland’s Food Safety Authority: Vegan Milk Inadequate Nutrition for Kids

Jim Dickrell

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is out with a new report that says vegan-based milk alternatives are nutritionally inadequate for young children.

FSAI is a government department whose principal function “is to protect consumers and raise compliance through partnership, science and food law enforcement.”

The new report recommends children aged one through five should drink 550 ml (or 1.2 pints) of milk per day or eat the equivalent amount of cheese and yogurt.

If a non-dairy option is required, the agency recommends soy-milk fortified to provide recommended nutrient levels.

The report also recommends that young children should eat red meat at least three times per week. Poultry, meat, eggs and lentils can be swapped out on other occasions during the week.

Pamela Byrne, CEO of FSA, says young children form dietary habits that can last a lifetime so it’s important to form good habits early. “We live in an age where there are so many confusing messages and information about food and nutrition, and today’s parents and guardians are facing more challenges than ever to ensure their children are getting the right diet to support their healthy development,” she says.



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