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Let the Rumen do the Heavy Lifting

When it comes to milk solids components, the most efficient path of production is via rumen microbial synthesis, according to Dr. Isaac Salfer, Assistant Professor of Animal Science at the University of Minnesota.

Salfer told the audience of a recent I-29 Moo U Dairy Podcast, “Butterfat and Protein,” that the production of both fat and protein in milk is most economical when the cow manufactures it herself.

He said milkfat is produced from one of two sources: (1) preformed fatty acids, generally with 16 carbons or more, that come directly from feedstuffs; and (2) de novo-synthesized fatty acids, which usually have 16 carbons or less, and are the product of the volatile fatty acids – typically acetate - which are produced via rumen fermentation.

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May 15, 2023

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