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One-on-One Conversation About Exports with DMI Chair, Marilyn Hershey

Along with her husband, Duane, Marilyn Hershey owns and operates Ar Joy Farms, LLC, home to 850 Holstein cows and 650 acres located an hour west of Philadelphia. In 2017, the farm installed a methane digester, taking manure from their cows and converting it to electricity. They are also able to incorporate food waste from the local community, increasing the amount of gas produced from the methane digester. The digester produces enough gas to run their farm as well as contribute to their community.

In addition to helping run the family farm, Marilyn Hershey serves as the chair of Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), and a director on the United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA) board.

“There's always something that farmers have to look for or add or remove to continue,” Hershey said, explaining her farm’s digester on AgriTalk last week while attending World Dairy Expo.


October 11, 2023


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