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Optimizing rumen development through starches in beef-on-dairy calves

Taylor Klipp presents challenges and opportunities found in recent research on starch intake in beef-on-dairy calves during an I-29 Moo University webinar.

As beef-on-dairy breeding continues to grow its presence and financial value on dairy farms across the U.S., special considerations are warranted for maximizing the unique potential that these calves have to offer – as well as averting the unique challenges that may present themselves along the way.

"The pre-weaning phase in all calves in general sets the tone for the rest of their productive life,” said Iowa State University master's candidate Taylor Klipp in a webinar presented by I-29 Moo University on March 5. Klipp presented her research on the importance of starch content in calf starter on weight gain in pre-weaned beef-on-dairy calves. A Kansas native finishing her master’s degree in animal science under Dr. Gail Carpenter, Klipp grew up raising calves on her family’s dairy farm and has held multiple internships in calf barns across the Midwest. In addition, she interned at an Angus and SimAngus seedstock ranch in Kansas and is involved on her fiancé’s cow-calf operation in Nebraska.

Brittany Olson

April 18, 2024



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