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US cheese prices are the cheapest in the world right now

Happy New Year. I hope it will be. The November presidential election is just around the corner and politics being what they are in this very divided country, we could see some very dramatic events ahead. Hopefully, that does not carry into the dairy industry. It would be nice to see some “normal” again, though I’ve heard it said, “Normal is only a setting on a dryer.” Clothes dryer that is.

StoneX dairy broker Dave Kurzawski looked back on 2023 in the January 1 Dairy Radio Now broadcast and said there were many developments that impacted the dairy industry but one of the most significant ones perhaps was butter setting a new record high $3.5025 per pound in October.

Another development that may impact demand for cheese ahead was the rising popularity of weight loss drugs Ozempic, Wegovy and Zepbound, now estimated to number over 10 million users that Kurzawski says helps “kill the appetite.”

Lee Mielke

Jan 2, 2024

Farmers' Advance

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