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Walmart Announces Plans to Build $350 Million Milk Processing Plant in Southern Georgia

America’s largest retail store has announced its plans to build a $350 million milk processing plant in Valdosta, Ga. With more than 4,600 stores located throughout the U.S., the Arkansas-based company says the new plant will provide milk to more than 750 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Georgia along with neighboring states.

Bruce Heckman, Walmart’s vice president of manufacturing, said in a statement that the company wants to do more to ensure its milk supply, saying the company wants to provide “high-quality milk for our customers that we can offer at the everyday low prices they rely on.”

In the past, Walmart has purchased its great-value branded milk from other dairy cooperatives. However, over the last decade, the retail giant has built a series of milk processing plants to control production of one of the most price-sensitive grocery commodities. Walmart opened its first fluid milk processing facility in 2018 in Fort Wayne, Ind.

October 11, 2023


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