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What to Do After a Star Employee Quits

January 27, 2021

One of your best employees has quit. What can you do to ensure that they're not the first of many dominoes to fall? The most important thing is to listen — carefully.

Conduct an exit interview to find out what factors led to their decision, and encourage full transparency in that conversation. Then, take the pulse of your team. Meet with employees individually and talk to them about how they’re doing. Ask how they think the departure of their colleague will affect morale. If these conversations uncover a significant problem, acknowledge your team’s concerns and be transparent about your attempts to address the issues they’ve raised. And in the team meetings that follow, stay focused on future opportunities and your collective goals. This will reinforce the sense that the team’s most important work lies ahead and that everyone is valued. The bottom line is if you respond to the departure of a valuable employee by being attentive and looking toward the future, you'll be more likely to keep your team intact and move ahead together.

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