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Will Milk Prices Rebound? 8 Important Market Signals to Watch

Dairy producers wonder what it will take for the market to turn around, as we wade out of this volatile economy. Phil Plourd, president of Ever.Ag Insights graced the stage as the keynote speaker at the 2024 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit, sharing fluctuating signals that he and his team are keeping a close eye on that are telltale signs if milk prices will rebound in 2024.

Drink or Eat Dairy?

The leading dairy economist shared that low consumption of fluid milk sales can be tied to the fact that many Americans are too ‘lazy’, as he would call them, to sit down and pour their cereal and add milk to the bowl.

“It’s too much trouble apparently,” he said, although he pointed out that milk is far from dead.


March 5, 2024


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