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3 Strategies to Increase Cash Flow on Dairy Farms

In the world of dairy farming, maximizing profits and ensuring financial viability is a constant challenge. However, as a dairy farm consultant who gets shoulder-to-shoulder with employees in the barn, and also sits down at the table to evaluate income and expenses, I’ve developed a strategic approach to help dairies improve profitability and efficiency for short-term gains and long-term success.

Here are three of the key strategies I use:

  1. Money is made in the milking parlor.

My first strategic priority to increase cash flow for any dairy farm is to evaluate the milking parlor. Is it running at maximum capacity? Do we need to reorganize labor to improve cow flow and milking efficiency? Do we have downtime, and if so, which groups of cows could we run through 4x to grab those extra pounds of milk without increasing labor costs?


March 25, 2024



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