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4 Reasons Why Milk Prices Are Considerably Lower Than 2022

Nearly a year ago, milk prices were $9 per cwt. higher and that resulted in heftier milk checks for dairy producers. Now, producers take one glance at their milk check and the milk futures and they find a difficult time to celebrate. The reality that producers have grown to understand is that good times don’t last forever and neither do good milk prices.

Last year’s record milk price year fueled producers with optimism and strategy. Most knew that good times don’t stick around forever and strategically planned how to utilize the extra income from strong milk prices.

The reality is that the tides have changed and 2023 spells a completely different story for dairy producers than the year prior. Many producers are asking the question, “What has changed to wildly swing milk prices?” Phil Plourd, president of Ever.Ag Insights, offers four main points that explain why producer’s milk checks are considerably less than just a year ago.


June 21, 2023



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