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Accelerating Efficiency in the Milk Supply Chain

How can we become more efficient? This is a question that not only dairy producers ask, but also many dairy companies evaluate. Recently, at the 2024 Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Mo., Corey Gillins, chief milk marketing officer for DFA, spoke about accelerating efficiency in the raw milk supply chain.

Through a member survey conducted over a year ago, DFA anticipates fewer member farms in the years to come. Tough financial situations unfolding on farms accelerated the pace of farms exiting, and Gillins noted that more than 500 of their member farms exited in 2023. DFA is now planning to have around 5,100 farms by 2030.

Even with the decline in farm numbers this past year, DFA did not see much of a drop in milk production. Gillins pointed out that they anticipate their member’s milk production to increase at a moderate pace going forward.


April 10, 2024



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