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Class III Milk Still Struggles to Find Momentum Higher

As much of the U.S. digs out of snow and bitter cold weather, the milk markets were mixed and continue sideways. After a early morning Global Dairy Trade, Class III milk traded slightly higher as Oceana had Cheddar markets up 1.2% over pervious event, Butter up 7.1% to a $2.68/lb equivalent and Skim Milk powder gained 1%. The US spot trade was mixed and didn’t have the same follow through. Cheddar Blocks fell 4 ¾ cents to $1.51 ½, Barrels gained 2 ½ cents to $1.47/lb with Butter unchanged at $2.56 ¾ and Grade A Non Fat Dry milk jumped a penny to $1.19 ½ with Dry whey falling 1 ½ cents to $0.41 1/2/lb.

Class IV milk continued to hold stead to higher January unchanged at $19.28, February at $19.03 and March gained 8 cents to $19.34/cwt. That balance of the first six months averaging at $19.52/cwt.

Class III milk still struggles to find momentum higher. With Jan up a penny to $15.16, but February down 17 to $15.73, and March following, down 15 cents to $16.18/cwt. The balance of the first half of the year at $17.87/cwt, a nice premium over nearby.

January 16, 2024


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