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Increasing milk protein Is one way to improve dairy profitability

October 9, 2020

With milk protein values near all-time highs, increasing milk protein is one way dairy producers can improve income over feed costs. A solid nutritional strategy will not only increase milk protein, but also improve producer profitability.

Cornell University professor Mike Van Amburgh is an expert in rumen function, nitrogen metabolism and fiber digestibility. With the rise in milk protein value, Van Amburgh says nutritionists and dairy producers need to look for ways to take advantage of these premiums.

In this episode of Feedstuffs in Focus, Van Amburgh talks about his research, and explains some of the tactics nutritionists should implement to capture as much of the milk protein premium as possible while optimizing income over feed costs.

This episode is sponsored by Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health. Join Balchem for their Real Science Lecture series, a weekly webinar series featuring ruminant nutrition experts discussing vital topics for today’s dairy industry. You can watch Mike Van Amburgh’s presentation on milk protein at



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