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Leadership depends on our relationships

We communicate with people all day long. However, if we want to have influence with people and lead them, our communication must look different than what we use in other settings.

“Leadership really depends on our relationships,” said Richard Stup during a Cornell Cooperative Extension webinar. “You have to have a relationship if you want any chance to lead and influence people.”

Stup heads up the Cornell Agricultural Workforce Program, and he discussed how leadership is important for dairy farmers managing employees. Engaging with your team is the most effective way to correct issues and provide positive or redirection feedback, he said. To develop relationships that facilitate leadership and coaching, we have to consider how we are communicating with those around us.

Stup described a concept from the leadership expert and author Stephen Covey that every relationship we have with everyone we interact with has an emotional bank account. “We can fill that up or keep a very low balance,” Stup said.

Katelyn Allen

Jan. 29, 2024

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