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Let’s learn from dairy’s technology graveyard

Dairy and data have become synonymous. The interactions between the two entities only grow with each passing year. In order to collect all that data, the dairy community has embraced technology. However, not all that technology works in the unique environment found on our dairy farms.

“They are promoted as plug and play. However, plug and play is the reality for some technology,” explained long time dairy technology guru, Jeffrey Bewley. He went on to explain that a lot of technology company startups lack dairy expertise, and that’s one of the many reasons technologies targeted to dairy farms can fail.

“This is one of my old bosses who was an accountant,” he said, pointing to the screen at the 62nd annual gathering of the National Mastitis Council. “I got him to help collect urine pH samples one day. As you can see from the image, he was not thrilled with the proposition,” continued Bewley of his former teammate who pitched in on a project.

Corey Geiger

March 20, 2023



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