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Milk Protein Prices Leap! New Data Released Today

For the last five weeks, milk protein values have gone up consistently and significantly with the increase in cheese prices. As covered in the August 13 post to this blog, cheese prices have been falling in 2023. They are now recovering and recovering fast. Block cheese prices have increased by 38% and Barrel cheese prices have increased by 28% in the last five weeks. Blocks are again priced above Barrels for the last five weeks, which is back to "normal."

Butter prices remain stable as predicted in the August 13 post to this blog. From the recent low in mid-May to the most recent data, butter prices have varied by only10% and butterfat prices have gained just 13%.

Both the cheese price and the butterfat price are used to calculate the milk protein price. Estimated milk protein prices have increased by 93% in just 5 weeks based on the weekly Agricultural Marketing Services (AMS) commodity prices.

August 28, 2023



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