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Weekly Digest: Government announces nearly $200 million in funding to reduce impact, spread of H5N1

The USDA is utilizing $98 million of existing funds to reduce the impact of H5N1 on affected dairy premises and producers.

For producers of affected herds who facilitate participation of their workers in a workplace and farmworker study, the USDA will provide up to $2,000 per affected premises per month for producers who supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees and/or provide outerwear uniform laundering. Workers who participate in the study are also eligible for financial incentives to compensate them for their time.

Up to $1,500 is available per affected premises to support the development of biosecurity plans, as well as a $100 payment to producers who purchase and use an in-line sampler for their milk system.

Karen Lee

May 13, 2024



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