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Whole Milk: A Popular Choice for the Indy 500 Winner Circle

Karen Bohnert May 11, 2022

Each Memorial Day weekend, a winning tradition unfolds in the midsection of the country. At the end of the biggest motorsports event in the world, all eyes will be on the winner's circle of the Indianapolis 500.

An extravagant event, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a packed weekend, but what happens at the very end is what really gains the most attention. The winning driver’s victory celebration with an ice-cold bottle of milk.

The rich tradition began in 1936, which includes the winning driver taking a sip or two of milk before pouring the entire bottle on themself. Driver Louis Meyer began the rich tradition. He would refresh himself on a hot day with buttermilk and drank some after winning the Indy 500.

This year's drivers were asked what kind of milk they wanted, and 25 drivers requested whole milk, six asked for 2%, nobody selected fat-free and one stated no preference.

The American Dairy Association Indiana — which is also in charge of delivering the correct bottle to the winner after the famous 500-mile race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway — released the results of its 2022 milk poll last week.

The 106th Indy 500 is set for Sunday, May 29 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



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