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Achieve better results with smaXtec

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

smaXtec’s bolus technology enables you to react to the first internal signs of illness, ensuring a smooth transition phase and higher start-up milk production.

With the smaXtec system, you are instantly alerted when cows show first signs of diseases that aren’t visible on the outside yet – thanks to highly precise measurement of inner body temperature. In this way, dairy producers benefit from:

· Consistent milk yield

· Fewer mastitis cases

· Reduced hormone use

· Ideal insemination time

· Easier calvings

· Comprehensive cost saving

· Reduced workload and stress

With smaXtec you have health, feeding, estrus and calving data at your fingertips.

Inner body Temperature: Gold standard for health monitoring

As soon as the immune system reacts to germs or stress, the inner body temperature changes – long before any other parameters. smaXtec notices even the slightest changes of body temperature, allowing you to detect diseases such as mastitis up to 4 days before clinical symptoms become visible. Temperature also gives an indication of the type of illness: if the temperature rises, the cow usually suffers from a feverish condition; if it drops, it is often a metabolic issue.

The temperature monitoring is the heart of the smaXtec health system. With 24/7 temperature monitoring of individual cows, smaXtec watches an individual cow’s average temperature. When her temperature deviates from normal, the producer (or their employee) will get a temperature alert when her temperature went up or down significantly.

Increase fertility results

Careful management of your herd's fertility plays an essential role in the economic success of your dairy operation. Based on each individual cow’s behavior, smaXtec provides reliable estrus detection, taking the guesswork out of breeding cows. Farmers working with smaXtec benefit from the system’s automatic and reliable heat detection which is based on the recognition of behavioral changes. These typical changes often only occur for a short period of time or at night. Thanks to continuous monitoring, you detect the slightest estrus signs. Together with the automatically generated recommendation for an ideal insemination time window, you can significantly reduce hormone use while improving insemination success and reproduction figures on your operation.

Only a healthy herd brings real success

Combined with additional data about drinking behavior, rumination, and activity, you identify issues rapidly. Early detection allows you to intervene earliest possible, reduce the risk of severe disease progression and significantly lower the use of medication, especially antibiotics by up to 70%.

The technology monitors cows as individual and looks at herd and group information. It is capable in accurately monitoring a cow’s health on any dairy regardless of size and has some custom adjustments available to meet the needs of various management styles.

Early detection of diseases and improving overall herd health is a key factor of reproductive success on any dairy operation. The smaXtec Bolus provides health data with unrivalled accuracy. This gives dairy producers the opportunity to get on top of infectious diseases and to gain valuable insights into their herd’s health and fertility, enabling them to increase efficiency and profitability.

“Every farm seems to have their favorite feature or functions. Some of the most popular favorites are early detection of mastitis, the accuracy of the calving alert, how significantly they reduced vet bills and ovulation sync shots, and improved pregnancy rates,” says Joseph Gilbert, Wisconsin territory manager at smaXtec.

Together with reduced SCCs, reduced calf mortality, reduced hormone costs, smaXtec customers manage to keep cows in the herd longer – all of which have a big impact on the business’ bottom line.

smaXtec customers like Chad Butts (left) benefit from consistent milk yield and comprehensive cost savings, paired with individual advisory from smaXtec experts like Joseph Gilbert.


What our happy customers say about smaXtec? Read success stories of smaXtec customers from all over the world.


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