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AHV International Announces Key Hires

April 12, 2021

U.S. team focused on delivering next-generation animal health tools to dairy farmers.

AHV International is rapidly expanding their presence in the U.S. and is excited to announce the hiring of Jeff Brose, D.V.M., Laura Pires, Michael Cardoso and Andy Sears to key leadership positions. These hires bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion that will help AHV International deliver high-quality service to dairy farmers along with their innovative product portfolio that leverages the science of quorum sensing.

“Finding top talent to represent AHV International’s cutting-edge solutions in the U.S. market has been a top priority,” says Scott Woodside, North America managing director for AHV International. “A deep understanding of the needs, challenges and opportunities today’s dairy farmers face, as well as an understanding of consumer demands, were essential elements to building our team.”

These individuals will be taking on the following leadership roles:

Jeff Brose, D.V.M, director of technical services, is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Prior to joining AHV International, Brose served as a consultant as they prepared to enter the U.S. market. Brose has previously held positions with Cargill and Monsanto after managing his own private veterinary practice. Brose is an active member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and past president of the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council.

Laura Pires, director of marketing, is based in Tulare, California. Prior to joining AHV International, Pires held national roles with Cargill, Alltech and Pfizer Animal Health. Pires was a member of Young Dairy Leaders Institute (Class 7) and a recent graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program (Class 49). Pires has a passion for advocating for the industry and making dairy a favorite choice for consumers.

Michael Cardoso, commercial director west, is based in Turlock, California. Prior to joining AHV International, Cardoso was the general manager for California Dairy Farms LLC/Matos Dairy Farms and district sales manager for Alta Genetics. Cardoso has an intimate understanding of the inner complexities of running a major dairy operation, and what it takes to help these businesses succeed.

Andy Sears, commercial director east, is based in Falconer, New York where he grew up on his family’s dairy farm. Sears owns and operates Searscrest Cattle Company and Advent Gravel with his wife and son. Prior to joining AHV International, he spent eight years with Micronutrients USA/Trouw Nutrition in various sales and leadership roles. Sears brings a deep passion for dairy cattle and team building that will help make AHV International a preferred employer.

“The U.S. is a very competitive market for recruiting,” states Jan de Rooy, Chief Executive Officer for AHV International. “It speaks volumes to our vision, the science of quorum sensing and the role we can play in shaping the future of animal health around the globe when these talented leaders are eager to join our cause and current teams throughout U.S. and Europe.”

AHV International has nine products registered in the U.S. developed using the science of quorum sensing. Products support the animal’s full life cycle, from raising healthy calves to producing high-quality milk and successfully transitioning through multiple lactations. The entire product portfolio has the advantage of zero milk or meat withhold times.

The company was founded in 2014 by Gertjan Streefland, a Dutch veterinarian who was inspired to innovate new tools for common herd challenges based on the groundbreaking science of quorum sensing, the biochemical communication system of bacteria.

Learn more about AHV International’s next-generation animal health tools, services and career opportunities by visiting

About AHV International

AHV International (Animal Health Vision) is the industry leader in quorum sensing powered animal health solutions and value-added advisory services. AHV International focuses on disrupting the communication between selected bacteria to support the immune system in a natural way. AHV International’s innovative solutions are used by more than 6,500 livestock farmers and veterinarians globally.



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