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Class III Milk Continues Its Decent

February 26, 2020

It was mixed to lower day today in the commodity markets.  Corn fell 2 cents to $3.70 ½.  Soybeans shot up 10 ¾ cents after news broke that Brazil had their first confirmed case of the corona virus before finishing 2 cents higher on the day to $8.81 in March. Soybean meal was up $4.80 to $291.30/ton.

In the CME product trade, butter fell 1 cent on 5 trades to $1.72/lb.  Block and barrel cheese prices remain unchanged on 1 offer at $1.76/lb and $1.59/lb respectively.  Grade A Non Fat Dry milk lost $.50/lb on 13 trades.  Dry whey remained unchanged at $.35 ¼ / lb.

Class III milk continued its move lower.  February fell 2 cents to $17.01, March was down 8 cents to $16.45, and April slid 23 cents to $16.16.  First half 2020 is now averaging $16.57/ cwt.Class IV milk also slid lower throughout most months.  February remained unchanged at $16.17.  March gained 6 to $15.44.  April fell 6 to $15.22.


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