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Dairy Report: Milk Continues to go Down the Drain

April 28, 2020

AgDay TV

Right now, the price of milk is in a tailspin. The price is so cheap that many farmers are struggling to find a market for it. It is particularly a problem in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland.

Golden "E" Dairy, located in West Bend, estimates its dumping up to 30,000 gallons of milk per day.

“This would have been on a store shelf 24 hours from now, but it’s not,” says Ryan Elbe, a family farmer at Golden “E” Dairy. “We’re just dumping it down the drain.”

 Farms like Golden "E" say they are losing tens of thousands of dollars every day, money they're told they will get back.

Reducing Milk Production

As farmers continue to adjust milk production to reduce the amount of milk having to be dumped and to meet supply management programs implemented across the country, culling comes to mind. However, Dr. Mike Lormore, a leading dairy expert with Zoetis, says there are several things you can do to reduce milk production without culling. In fact, he says using the following three tactics, a farm can remove almost 14% of their milk production without culling cows.

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