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Four Habits to Build Success on the Farm

Taylor Leach

January 26, 2021

We’ve made it through the first few weeks of 2021, and since it’s been off to a shaky start like 2020, that should be a success in and of itself.

But if you’re anything like most Americans, chances are you’ve already broken several of your New Year’s resolutions for 2021. In fact, studies show that only 8% of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution actually keep them all year. On the flip side, approximately 80% break their promises to themselves by the beginning of February.

Why is this? Clinical psychologist Joseph J. Luciani says it’s because most people lack self-discipline. But before you start to feel guilty, know this is normal and that the best way to build self-discipline is to start with small daily habits. Here are four habits you need to adopt to make 2021 a year of success according to Fast Company, an American business magazine.

  1. Adapt – If there’s anything 2020 has taught us to do, it’s how to adapt in the midst of change. Having a “expect the unexpected” mindset can help keep you on your toes for when things don’t go as planned.

“I think if there’s any habit we should consider breaking, it’s confidence about what’s going to happen in the year to come,” says Bruce Feiler, author of Life is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age.Instead of trying to predict the future, Feiler recommends making a list of plans and goals then being ready to pivot when things go astray.

  1. Set yourself up for success – What’s the number one thing distracting you from getting your work done? Chances are it’s most likely your phone. While these devices can be incredibly helpful throughout the day, they can also be incredibly distracting.

“Every ring, ding, ping, Like, share, comment, and cat video is rewiring your brain to be distracted,” says Jim Kwik, author of Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life.

He recommends practicing phone-free activities and perfecting an efficient morning routine to help get your ready to take on the day.

  1. Connect with others – 2020 was year of isolation for many. Let’s not let 2021 be a lonely year as well.

Lyn Morris, a chief operating officer of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services recommends finding new ways to connect with others to build lasting relationships. This can be done by taking a few minutes to reach out to family member or even setting a reminder on your phone to call up an old friend.

  1. Set boundaries - There’s no such thing as a short work day on the farm, but one thing that does exist is burnout. According to Camille Preston, founder and CEO of AIM Leadership, LLC, it’s important to put some boundaries in place so you can properly tend to your own needs.

“You can’t keep making withdrawals from your “energy bank” without replenishing them and still remain healthy,” she tells Fast Company.

Preston suggests incorporating more structure into your days to make time for life’s varied demands. Though this is often easier said than done, try to stick to a time of day when you stop working. Otherwise, burnout is sure to come creeping back in.



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