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Increase your success. With healthy dairy cows.

smaXtec customers like Adam Hurtgen, Wisconsin, benefit from consistent milk yield, optimized fertility management and comprehensive cost savings.

The smaXtec health system with unique bolus technology helps dairy farmers make better decisions in health, fertility and feeding management.

Only a healthy herd brings real success. That’s why early detection of diseases and improving the overall health of the herd is crucial for every dairy farm. To ensure or improve animal health, you must keep a close eye on your cows at all times. smaXtec’s early detection allows you to intervene as early as possible, reduce the risk of serious disease progression and significantly lower the use of medication, especially antibiotics by up to 70%. smaXtec is driving better decisions on dairy farms in health, fertility and feeding management by measuring these parameters:

- Inner body temperature (Unique! ± 0.018 °F relative accuracy)

- Drinking behaviour (unique!)

- Rumination via rumen contractions (unique!)

- Activity

The smaXtec bolus is monitoring cow health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any tedious maintenance required. Furthermore, there is no risk of loss or injury due to the measurement position.

Inner body Temperature: Gold standard for health monitoring

As soon as the immune system reacts to germs or stress, the inner body temperature changes – long before any other parameters. smaXtec notices even the slightest changes of body temperature, allowing you to detect diseases such as mastitis up to 4 days before clinical symptoms become visible. Temperature also gives an indication of the type of illness: if the temperature rises, the cow usually suffers from a feverish condition; if it drops, it is often a metabolic issue.

Combined with additional data about rumination, activity and drinking behavior, you identify issues rapidly. Early detection allows you to intervene earliest possible, reduce the risk of severe disease progression and significantly lower the use of medication, especially antibiotics by up to 70%.

Light self-applicated medical treatment is often enough to avoid break-out of the disease all together, protecting the herd, providing milk yield stability and cost savings. Most importantly: treatment with antibiotics and consequent milk revenue loss can be prevented!

Precise heat and calving detection

In addition to valuable health insights, smaXtec supports you with heat detection and provides you with the ideal insemination time. This way, you increase your insemination success significantly, while significantly reducing hormone usage and workload, as smaXtec takes care of estrus monitoring for you.

Using smaXtec, you receive animal-specific information around the clock and that pays off: Customers confirm that thanks to the system, a higher fertility rate and a shorter calving interval are ensured. smaXtec customers are able to see a reduction of days open in their herd of up to 25%, achieve less days open and reduce the age at first calving significantly.

Around calving, smaXtec offers great support as well: The system alerts you 15-10 hours upfront. This enables you to take necessary calving preparations, support the cow if needed and ensure a smooth calving process. Thanks to continuous health monitoring, you’ll also notice any signs of metabolic issues and can treat the cow right away – for a good start into a healthy and successful lactation.

Financial advantage

Early detection of diseases and improving overall herd health is equally as important and a key factor of reproductive success on any dairy. By measuring cow health data continuously and precisely, smaXtec offers an outstanding system for early disease detection, allowing for the earliest possible intervention when necessary, reducing the risk of serious disease progression and significantly lowering the use of medications. This way smaXtec enables farmers to ensure milk yield stability and profitability, while reducing costs, workload and stress.

What our happy customers say about smaXtec? Read success stories of smaXtec customers from all over the world.

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