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NMPF’s Jim Mulhern Discusses Federal Milk Marketing Orders Modernization Proposal

Recently, National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) president and CEO, Jim Mulhern, spoke to AgriTalk’s host, Chip Flory, about federal milk marketing orders. Mulhern stated that the orders are needed, especially on the producer level to promote orderly market conditions, supervise terms of trade, achieve more equality of bargaining between dairy farmers and milk processors and assure that consumers have an adequate dairy supply.

“It's a real fact to make sure that there is an orderly market for producers who have a product that they are producing on a daily basis, shipped from the farm every day and every other day to a plant where it's tested,” Mulhern says. “To ensure that we have clear market transparency in terms of prices, and to help regulate that class one fluid market, the class one market is the milk that goes into fluid form into the gallon jugs, half gallons, half pints and quarts.”

May 10, 2023



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