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U.S. Milk Production Up 0.5% in June

July 22, 2020

Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reports this week that June milk production was up just 0.5% with cow numbers still running 23,000 head higher than a year ago. Second quarter milk production was up 0.4%, a major retrenchment following the first quarter increase of 3.1%.

Cow numbers are coming down month by month, however. USDA estimates there were 9.35 million cows on U.S. dairy farms in June. That’s 10,000 head less than May, and 35,000 head less than March when cow numbers peaked.

State-by-state milk production was a mixed bag, though most major dairy states in the West continued to pump out more milk. California was up 1%; Texas, +4.4%; Colorado, +5.5% and Idaho, +3.5%. New Mexico was down 6.2%, even though cow numbers were reported to be up 3,000 head..  

Midwestern states were generally down, though South Dakota had the strongest outburst of milk increase of any state, up 9.5%. Cow numbers in South Dakota were up 12,000 head, nearly a 10% increase. But those numbers were offset by Wisconsin, with cow numbers there down 11,000. June milk production in Wisconsin was down 1.4%; Michigan’s milk production was off 0.6% and Minnesota, -1.4%.

In the East, New York was up 0.3% and Pennsylvania was up 1.5%.



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